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Vulcan anti-scale system

The Electronic Descaler System

Vulcan Descaler Set

The salt-free and chemical-free anti-scale system

The Vulcan de-scaler is your eco-friendly solution to scale and rust problems. Vulcan is a chemical free water treatment system, which uses Vulcan-Impulse-Technology to physically treat the water. By doing this, Vulcan changes the crystallization process of liquid calcium, making it loose its adhesive power. Vulcan uses only electronic impulses to treat the water: no salt or chemicals are needed. Finally, an eco-friendly and additive free alternative to water softeners!

  • Your ecologically friendly solution to scale and rust problems
  • No salt, chemicals or magnetism!
  • Appropriate for pipe diameters from 1/2" to 20" (10-500 mm)
  • Fully cast in a protective acrylic case for optimal endurance
  • Do-It-Yourself installation – no need to cut the pipes!
  • Appropriate for all pipe materials – iron, copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel, PVC, plastic, PE-x, compound pipes, etc.

Vulcan in Australia
Authorized Distributor

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Vulcan without Salt and Chemicals

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vulcan anti-scale

vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale

Vulcan Models and Sizes

Pipe Ø
Max. Water
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan 3000
Vulcan 3000
11/2" 3000 l/h 2 x 1 m 1
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan 5000
Vulcan 5000
2" 5000 l/h
2 x 1 m
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan s10
Vulcan S10
3" 10 m3/h
2 x 1 m
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan s25
Vulcan S25
4" 25 m3/h
4 x 2 m
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan s100
Vulcan S100
6" 100 m3/h 6 x 4 m
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan s500
Vulcan S250
10" 250 m3/h 8 x 10 m 10
vulcan anti-scale

Vulcan S500
20" 500 m3/h 10 x 30 m 10
vulcan anti-scale
Vulcan anti-scale overview
Overview of all technical details


Residential Applications
Vulcan anti-scale residential

Commercial Applications
Vulcan anti-scale commercial

Industrial Applications
Vulcan anti-scale industrial applications
vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale

The easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Vulcan is designed for easy Do it Yourself installation. Unlike water softeners, which incur expensive installation costs, the Vulcan is completely D.I.Y, which means no installation costs. The Vulcan is easily installed in 15 minutes no tools or pipe cutting are required.

Installation Notes

  • For optimal water treatment Vulcan is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply.
  • The impulse bands can be wrapped around the pipe to the left, right or underneath the device. Note – Leave a distance of at least 1cm (min ~1/2’’) between the two impulse cables.
  • Vulcan functions on any angle. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any other angle. Vulcan can also be wall-mounted if there is no space available on the pipe.
  • If you cannot fit the impulse bands directly on the pipe, they can be partly wrapped around the main pipe and the distributor pipe.

All these different installations are possible as the impulses are sent several meters around all sides of the pipes.

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  Vulcan anti-scale box hold in hand

Vulcan anti-scale installation

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