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Vulcan anti-scale system

Vulcan - Application Areas

Residential Applications

The Vulcan Residential Line unit has been designed to protect the piping system in private houses and small commercial equipment, such as coffee machines and dishwashers. These units are easy to install and require no cutting of the pipe and no installation costs.

Houses and buildings
Vulcan protects the entire piping system, washing machines, water heaters and various other appliances.

Pools & Jacuzzis
Vulcan protects the equipment and pipes used in Pools and Jacuzzi’s from harmful scale deposits. This means you can cut down costs on chlorine and other chemical additives.

Water heaters and heat exchangers
Vulcan controls scale build-up in tank-less water heaters and reduces the time and frequency of maintenance.

Solar water heater
Vulcan helps to benefit your system with cleaner heat exchangers and distributor pipes and the reduction of scale build-up in collectors.

Application Areas:

vulcan effect before and after
Before and after using Vulcan

Vulcan effects before and after
A swimming pool before and
after using the Vulcan descaler

vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale

Commercial Applications

The Commercial Line units treat pipe diameters up to 6" and have been designed to specifically meet the requirements of small to large commercial facilities. The Vulcan’s several programs allow for individual adjustment according to the materials and diameters of the pipes.

Application Areas:

Buildings and housing
Condominiums & large buildings, educational institutions, public swimming pools, golf courses, fitness clubs, supermarkets, and many more ...

Hospitals, nursing homes, residences, and many more ...

Plants, livestock, irrigation systems, machinery, and many more ...

Hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafés, passenger ships, maritime, and many more ...

Vulcan before and after in a kitchen
A grill plate in a professional
kitchen without and with Vulcan

pool chlorinator anti-scale
A chlorinator before and
after using the Vulcan descaler

vulcan before and after effects
Greenhouse plants before and
after using the Vulcan descaler

vulcan anti-scale
vulcan anti-scale

Industrial Applications

The Industrial Vulcan unit treats pipe diameters up to 40" and is specially designed to provide solutions for all types of applications in light and heavy industries. These units come with 10 different system-integrated programs, in order to fully customize the treatment to your pipe’s specifications.

Application Areas:


Vulcan in a cooling tower scale-free
A cooling tower grid before and
after using the Vulcan descaler

before and after using Vulcan
A piping system before and after
using the Vulcan descaler

Vulcan in a grease trap
A grease trap without and with
using the Vulcan descaler

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